Youth Delegation

We're looking for water-minded youth to join a Youth Delegation for the upcoming AquaHacking – Ottawa River Summit 2015, a history-making event that will help chart the course for the future of our watershed. A healthy river is good for all of us and in order to improve the future of our river, we need you!

Participants in the Ottawa River Summit will play a key role in shaping the future of water protection and conservation in the Ottawa River Watershed. We understand that today’s youth are tomorrow’s water leaders!  We also believe that youth can play an important part in restoring and protecting the Ottawa River today. Therefore, we want to ensure the inclusion and the recognition of diverse youth voices within this collaborative planning summit.


The Youth Delegation will:

  • Have the opportunity to learn more about the Ottawa River Watershed
  • Connect with others who are engaged in protecting water quality and biodiversity
  • Bring forward fresh, innovative ideas to the decision-makers of today
  • Be able to assist in both days of Aquahacking – Ottawa River Summit for free


  • Must be between 18 and 25 years old
  • Members of the Youth Delegation are expected to attend initial meeting on Thursday, May 28th
  • Attend both days of AquaHacking – Ottawa River Summit (May 29th and 30th)

It’s time for a shared action plan to protect one of Canada’s most important rivers and we need you! For more details, read our Call for Young Water Leaders.

Thanks for your interest!

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This event is part of River Mission.