Pollution Hotline

Since 2002 Ottawa Riverkeeper has run our Pollution Hotline. See something fishy? Call the Pollution Hotline at 1-888-9KEEPER or submit our electronic form. We can help you report the problem and put a stop to the harm.

Do you see something that doesn’t look right?

Dead fish floating on the surface? Excessive sediment flowing into your local river or stream? Evidence of an algal bloom?

Do you have information about activities that are threatening the health of local waterways or shorelines?

Do you know of proposed projects that may threaten the health of local streams, wetlands, lakes or rivers?

If you answer yes to any of these questions we want to hear from you. Please call Ottawa Riverkeeper’s Pollution Hotline or fill out our electronic form. We’ll follow up, report problems to the proper authorities and take necessary action to put a stop to the harm.

All information is confidential. If you prefer not to give your name it is not required. However, it is very helpful if we can contact you if we have further questions about what you have seen or are concerned about.


If you are reporting a bloom of blue-green algae, please make sure to include accurate weather and water conditions, and please include a photo.


If you are reporting an active chemical or oil spill please contact the provincial spills action centre immediately and follow-up by notifying Ottawa Riverkeeper:


Spills Action Centre
Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Telephone: 416-325-3000 or 1-800-268-6060


National Environmental Emergencies Center
Environment Canada
Telephone: 514-283-2333 or 1-866-283-2333


Our work is focused on the Ottawa River, its tributaries, and the Ottawa River Watershed. If your report concerns an issue or violation outside of Riverkeeper’s focus please contact your provincial environment ministry.