TAKE ACTION: Eel passage at Carillon could help save the American eel

Image from Aerialphotographs.ca

The American eel population has already fallen by 99%!

This culturally, historically, and ecologically important species is worth protecting, and still has a chance to recover.

Dams present the greatest obstacle and threat to this species.

Dams prevent eels from migrating in and out of our watershed, unless special ladders are installed.

The Carillon Dam is preparing to undergo renovations worth $750 million.

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to take advantage of renovations to install the infrastructure to save this endangered species.

The next opportunity may be too late…

Act now and add your name in support of an eel ladder at Carillon that could save this endangered species in our watershed:

I support the construction of eel passage at the Carillon Dam.

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