Endangered Species

The Ottawa River watershed is home to hundreds of plant and animal species, however habitat threats including the introduction of dams, urban development, and pollution from residential and industrial sources have resulted in population declines for several species. A number of these species are listed as threatened or endangered both provincially and/or federally.

Over the years Ottawa Riverkeeper has worked to increase awareness for endangered species living in the watershed through outreach efforts as well as through participation in recovery measures. However, this work is not without its challenges. Some species have life cycles that are dependant on others meaning protection efforts for one species can involve protecting several. Also, many species are only listed as at risk by one province highlighting that species within the same river have different types of protection depending on which side of the border they are found. Additionally, very few species in our watershed are listed federally. This complicated regulatory landscape is one of the challenges we face as an organization that works in a multi-jurisdictions watershed. Regardless of the provincial and federal status, the species on our watershed require a healthy and protected river to thrive.