TAKE ACTION: Canada needs a strong policy on nuclear waste

Canada does not have adequate rules in place to manage non-fuel nuclear waste.

This kind of waste is planned to be stored in the Near Surface Disposal Facility at Chalk River, on the shores of the Ottawa River and just upstream of our nation’s capital.

The international community has recognized that Canada’s policies for managing nuclear waste are inadequate.

Canada should be a world leader in nuclear waste management, and the fact that our policies fall so far short is an embarrassment.

Our elected officials are accountable for creating rules that will better protect the public and the environment.

We are asking the public to share their concerns by signing our petition and contacting their MP about this issue.


On November 16th Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources announced that the government was launching a review and public engagement on Canada’s Radioactive Waste Policy. We now have a chance to help the government build a stronger policy that lives up to international standards, and most importantly, protects our waterways. Read our full blog for more information on this process.

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