Submit an observation of salt use in the watershed

We need your help to show people examples of responsible salt use! If you spread salt responsibly, or see someone else doing so, please send us a photo. Conversely, if you see an example of overuse of road salt in the watershed, please send it to us as well.

We will be featuring images submitted by our community over the course of the winter. To help people identify which example to follow, we’ll be labeling these photos as either Salt Heroes or Salt Suspects!

Feel confident you know how much salt to use responsibly? Test your knowledge with our Road Salt Usage Quiz!

Be a Salt Hero!

Don’t be a Salt Suspect!

Submit pictures of road salt use

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  • Salt Hero

    Submit an example of responsible use of road salt
  • Send us a photo of yourself, or someone else, using road salt responsibly. This can also include using an alternative to road salt.
  • Salt Suspect

    Submit a photo of overuse of road salt
  • Send us a photo of an example of overuse, or otherwise irresponsible or unnecessary use of road salt.