River Response

During the months of June through September, you’ll see the Ottawa Riverkeeper boat visiting different sections of the Ottawa River. There is no substitute for being on the water to learn about the river and to understand the pressures it is currently facing.

We are on the river to:

1. Investigate citizen complaints about river issues

2. Investigate point and non-point pollution sources

3. Monitor water quality

4. Become familiar with the river and track changes over time

5. Map important ecological features

6. Meet people who are using the river and educate them about Ottawa Riverkeeper

7. Bring media and decision-makers onto the river

8. Promote stewardship and be a visible presence;

9. Learn from the river

If you see us, wave! Give us the thumbs up. And don’t be shy. Let us know what issues are important to you on the Ottawa River and the tributaries..