Youth Water Leaders Program

Open to youth aged 17 – 25, the Youth Water Leaders Program will provide participants with the skills and tools necessary to identify and propose solutions to environmental issues within the Ottawa River watershed, while offering them hands-on opportunities to learn about the river and make a difference in their communities.

Pollution Hotline

Since 2002 Ottawa Riverkeeper has run our Pollution Hotline. See something fishy? Call the Pollution Hotline at 1-888-9KEEPER or submit our electronic form. We can help you report the problem and put a stop to the harm.

Riverwatch Program

Ottawa Riverkeeper has over 70 volunteer Riverwatchers spanning the river from Temiscaming to Lake of Two Mountains. Our Riverwatchers help to inform our work throughout the watershed and have contributed to initiatives such as our real-time reporting campaign and our study on microplastics.

The Swim Guide

The Swim Guide is both a website and a free app that helps you make informed decisions about when and where you swim. With a focus on water quality, the app will let you know whether your local beach is safe to swim, as well as provide you with new and exciting beaches to visit using the interactive map.

Watershed Council

The inclusive, collaborative, multi-sectoral Ottawa River Watershed Council will bring together representatives of the federal, Ontario, Québec, and First Nation governments, municipal authorities, as well as Hydro-power generators, boating and angler associations, Conservation Authorities, Organismes de bassins versants, and many other stakeholder groups and interested people to address significant issues, such as climate change and the cumulative impacts of pollution and development throughout the watershed.

Watershed Health Committee

The Watershed Health Committee is an advisory body of Ottawa Riverkeeper, made up of approximately 20 volunteer experts from academia, environmental organizations, and government agencies.

River Patrol

During the months of June through September, you’ll see the Ottawa Riverkeeper boat patrolling different sections of the Ottawa River. There is no substitute for being on the water to learn about the river and to understand the pressures it is currently facing.

Beachkeeper Program

Adopt a beach or shoreline, learn about its local ecology and how to monitor and protect it, and inspire others to experience it too!

Capital River Twinning

Through the Twinning of our Capital Rivers, Ottawa Riverkeeper and Potomac Riverkeeper Network honor our long-standing friendship between Canada and the United States, we celebrate our shared heritage and blessing of abundant clean, freshwater, and we safeguard ongoing access to this irreplaceable resource.