Welcome to the Gosling Gazette

Welcome to the Gosling Gazette - your new source of watershed information and entertainment!

Welcome to spring! In difficult times, it is more important than ever to keep our community connections strong. We at Ottawa Riverkeeper want to play our part, and we hope our revamped newsletter will help do that for the thousands of river-lovers like you in our watershed.

So why the new moniker? First, because the geese are coming back! Their familiar honks are encouraging signs that spring is just around the corner. After all, nature is not cancelled and we should seek solace in its beauty.

Second, because geese take good care of their young. We know that many of you are juggling extra responsibilities, including childcare, and we will do our best to provide some river-related resources to help out.

Finally, and most importantly, because geese fly further together, as a group. We have said it many times before: it takes a watershed to protect a river, and we are so inspired and motivated by this community!

Please don’t hesitate to give us a honk – our entire team remains accessible by email and other virtual means.

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Check out all the activities we have released so far!

Species-at-Risk Memory Game

We’ve created a digital version of our Species-at-Risk Memory Game! It features amazing art from Youth Water Leader Rachel Balderson.

Plus, after you play, scroll down to learn more about each of the endangered species in the game.

Road Salt Guessing Game

We created an online interactive guessing game to quiz you on your knowledge of how much road salt to use on roadways, sidewalks, and more.

Plus, can you guess what the results of our testing for salt levels in local creeks were? Try and see how close you can get!

Invasive Species Quiz

Many native species call this area home. There are also non-native species that have been introduced and now have catastrophic effects on the environment.

Check out this quiz and see if you can identify the species and tell us which are native or non-native!

Watershed Map Puzzle

Do you know what the watershed looks like? It covers 146,300 square kilometers, is twice the size of New Brunswick, and larger than many countries, including Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Bulgaria, Cuba, and Denmark.

Try your hand at this puzzle on our website, featuring a map of the Ottawa River watershed.

How Old Are You In Sturgeon Years?

Did you know that the oldest lake sturgeon ever caught was 154 years old and measured 155 cm?

Measure how tall you are and then use this interactive guide to see how old you would be if you were a lake sturgeon in the Ottawa River. 

Watershed Trivia

Want to learn more about the beautiful watershed we all call home? Well, here’s your chance to test your knowledge!

Whether you consider yourself a trivia expert or a beginner, this online Watershed Trivia is for you!

One response to “Welcome to the Gosling Gazette”

  1. I would like to know if you have access to the report regarding the quality of the water being pumped By the city of ottawa from the Ottawa river? Example: micro plastic? Plastic? Other?
    Is there a report that summarizes the screened trash contents?
    Thank you.