Water Safety

Summer is a wonderful time to explore the rivers and lakes in the Ottawa River watershed, but we must ensure that we are doing so safely. Accidents can happen, so preparing ourselves beforehand with the right water safety information is central to any day out on the water.

Whenever you are going out for a swim or to kayak or any other activity in the water, please take a few minutes to ensure that you, your friends, and your family do so safely. It is important to always pay close attention to your surroundings and make sure to swim with a buddy. Even the most experienced swimmers can find themselves in potentially dangerous situations, but following the Red Cross’ “Water Smarts” recommendations can help prevent accidents from happening. Some of their recommendations are as follows:

  • Know your limitations, including physical fitness and/or medical conditions,
  • Never swim alone,
  • Understand and adjust for the unique risks of the water environment you are in, such as:
    • River currents,
    • Water temperature,
    • Shallow or unclear water,
    • Underwater hazards, which can include vegetation, animals, drop offs, or large obstacles such as rocks

Water Safety Resources: 

There are many resources that provide great information about how to stay safe while in the water, but here are a couple to reference: Red Cross and Ottawa Drowning Prevention Coalition Facebook group. 

The Red Cross in particular has important information on: 

Make sure that during the summer you and your loved ones enjoy the incredible lakes and rivers of the Ottawa River watershed safely and responsibly!