Tomorrow is International Day of Action for Rivers!

Happy International Day of Action for Rivers!

Did you know that tomorrow is International Day of Action for Rivers? There are many ways to get involved in protecting our rivers. Whether it’s shoreline clean-ups, pollution monitoring, making sure you respect no-wake zones, or even planning for a more inclusive and collaborative way of working together across our watershed.

At Ottawa Riverkeeper, that is exactly what we have been doing: Bringing together representatives of the different levels of government, municipalities, Indigenous communities, environmental experts and others to figure out how we can best share information and coordinate some of our activities in the Ottawa River watershed.

In fact, the multi-sectoral Watershed Health Committee we are facilitating is meeting in Gatineau this week. Representatives of a wide range of organizations will collaborate to finalize the tool that will be used this summer to assess the health of the watershed. In the fall, their results will form the base of recommendations to a wider governance body, the Ottawa River Watershed Council.

These are exciting times for this great river we all share! Soon, temperatures will rise, the ice will break, and we can enjoy swimming and paddling again, strong in the knowledge that together, we are looking after this amazing natural resource.

Happy International Day of Action for Rivers!