Deep Dive: The Hickorynut in the Ottawa River – September 1st, 2020

Want to learn even more about this incredible freshwater mollusk that calls the Ottawa River watershed its home? Well you’re in luck!

Dr André Martel from the Canadian Museum of Nature, along with volunteer diver Nancy Binnie and fish expert Noel Alfonso, will be joining Ottawa Riverkeeper to give a presentation on their work researching the Hickorynut, an endangered freshwater mussel found in the Ottawa River and that is linked to the Lake Sturgeon for its survival. Since 2014, André’s team has been conducting underwater surveys to investigate the occurrence of the Hickorynut in the river. It is through this work that they were able to establish that the Ottawa River hosts among the highest population densities of the Hickorynut in Canada.


Join us Tuesday, September 1st at 1 pm to learn more about the Hickorynut and what we can do to protect this amazing species. Register now!


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