Spiny Softshell Turtle

Spiny Softshell Turtle
(also known as the Eastern Spiny Softshell)

Apalone spinifera

Size: The Spiny softshell is usually 12-24 cm.

Habitat: The Spiny softshell lives in the rivers of Ontario. They mostly live in water and come on land for nesting. They need shallow muddy water to bury in, deep pools to hibernate in and a place with lots of crayfish to eat.

Diet: This species of turtles are mainly carnivores. They eat any aquatic animal small enough to catch such as crayfish, insects, fish and even plants.

Native/ Non-native: Native to North America and parts of the U.S.A

Status: The Spiny softshell is currently threatened.

Fun Fact: The Spiny softshell turtle is one of the largest fresh water turtles in North America. They get their name from the spine like ridge on the top of their shell and their soft shells.