Beaver or Castor Canadensis

Size : An adult can weigh between 11 to 32 kg.

Habitat : They spend much of their lives in the water and are well adapted to this life. They build dams that both help protect them from predators and assure a winter food supply. During the winter they live in their large lodges made of mud and sticks.

Diet : Beavers are herbivores that eat mostly tree bark and aquatic plants.

Native/non-native: Native to North America.

Status : Beavers are fairly common through the Ottawa River watershed. In the past their numbers were reduced by trapping.

Fun fact : In the spring Beavers mark their territory with ‘scent mounds’. These are two to three foot high mounds of leaves, mud and dirt that they scent with ‘castoreum’. These tell other beavers to keep away from this area.