American eel

This amazing species of eel travels long distances from our freshwater rivers to the salty waters of the ocean where it spawns.

(also known as the Atlantic eel, Common eel, Silver eel, Yellow eel, Bronze eel and Easgann)

Scientific name: Anguilla rostrata

Size: Adult females can grow as long as 1 metre while males only grow as long as 0.4 metre.

Habitat: This species of eel can be found in the fresh water lakes across Canada where it is accessible to the Atlantic ocean. It can also be found on the west side of the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea to Greenland.

Diet: The American eel’s are carnivores and feed on insects, fish, fish eggs, crabs, worms, clams, frogs and dead animals.

Native/ Non-native: The American eel is a native species in North America.

Status: The American eel is currently threatened by dams and turbines, harvest, ocean conditionsdue to climate change, contaminants, parasites and habitat alterations.

Fun Fact: The American eel is a Catadromous fish which means it spends its life in freshwater bodies of water but enters in saltwater oceans to spawn.