The Road to Storm Water Awareness

Ottawa Riverkeeper is partnering with Trout Canada's Yellow Fish Road™ Program to raise awareness about storm water and its direct connection to the Ottawa River.

Today, Andrew Wheeler’s 8th grade class at York Street Public School in Ottawa participated in Ottawa Riverkeeper’s first Yellow Fish Road™ project. project. The students learned about their local water supply and how to protect it from hazardous wastes and chemicals then got to work helping us raise awareness about storm water!

Your group is also welcome to borrow our stenciling kits that say “Rain Water Only”. Add this messaging in front of storm drains serves as a public reminder that any materials we put in storm drains go directly to the river untreated.

Interested?   Want to get involved? Contact us!



*This is a bilingual program! Contact us about doing this in French.

One response to “The Road to Storm Water Awareness”

  1. Kerry Reimer says:

    On May 5 our Brownie group would like to participate in this program by painting fish on the storm drains around my Stittsville neighbourhood. I would like to know if this is possible and how we can borrow a kit.