Show Your Support for Collaboration

Are you determined to make the Ottawa River the most accessible and cleanest capital river to swim, drink, and fish? Show your support for collaboration!

Do you know that dealing with the impacts of human activity in our watershed is the responsibility of the federal and provincial governments, some 200 municipalities, 11 First Nations, conservation authorities, power-generation companies and other industries, and dozens of recreational user groups, among others? That’s a lot of activities and overlapping jurisdictions with different mandates and objectives!

That is why members of our watershed community have come together to propose the creation of an inclusive and collaborative Ottawa River Watershed Council. For more than two years, Ottawa Riverkeeper has been consulting and convening a wide range of stakeholders. In these first few months of 2018, our committee of volunteer environmental and ecosystems experts is continuing its work to develop an action plan that includes a baseline assessment of the health of our watershed. Together, we can find sustainable solutions.

Meanwhile, Environment and Climate Change Canada has opened a public consultation period on the issue of governance in our watershed. If you want to show your support for Ottawa Riverkeeper’s community-driven and results-oriented approach, you can send them a comment here.
Thank you for your ongoing support!

MJ Proulx
Director, Watershed Council

One response to “Show Your Support for Collaboration”

  1. Judith Miller says:

    I live near the Ottawa River. I am deeply concerned about pollution in the river and about plans for the NSDF and the decommissioning of the NPD reactor.
    There needs to be a single governing body for the river. I support this initiative whole-heartedly.

    Judith Maclean Miller, PhD