Rockcliffe Yacht Club Donates Dock Space

Join us in thanking the Rockcliffe Yacht Club for giving the Riverkeeper boat a summer home.

Written by Joe Ryan

The Rockcliffe Yacht Club committed to the conservation and care of the Ottawa River by donating dock space to the Ottawa Riverkeeper boat this summer.

The boat itself has a variety of uses that contribute to the Ottawa River’s health. Being out on the water allows us to investigate citizen complaints about river issues, investigate point and non-point pollution sources and monitor water quality.

It also allows us to be more familiar with the river and track changes over time, mapping important ecological features. Meeting others who are out on the water also gives us the opportunity to educate them about Ottawa Riverkeeper, promoting stewardship of the river.

By giving us a place to store the boat Rockcliffe Yacht Club has increased our ability to monitor the river health, ensuring that future generations will get to enjoy the water as well.

Thank you!