Riverwatch Meeting 2014


Our Riverwatchers listen to invasive species specialist, David Ryrie, at the meeting in Arnprior

Ottawa Riverkeeper held its annual Riverwatch Meeting on Monday, July 7th at the Galilee Center in Arnprior, Ontario.  Over 30 riverwatchers from across the watershed came together to share their river knowledge, perspectives and issues, receive training on aspects of river ecology, and provide feedback on the program.

Dr. Andrew Bramburger, research scientist at the St. Lawrence River Institute, trained riverwatchers about algae blooms, harmful blue-green algae, and how to sample blooms so that they can be identified.  David Ryrie, invasive species intern at the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, trained riverwatchers on how to identify and report key aquatic invasive species in the watershed including Eurasian water milfoil, European frog bit, zebra mussels and rusty crayfish.

Additionally, riverwatchers had an opportunity to see the various new tools and resources available to them to assist in community outreach and engagement including an interactive watershed model and watershed fact sheets that inform the public about key watershed topics (e.g. shoreline development regulations, pollution identification, healthy shorelines, species-at-risk).  All in all it was an inspiring day for both ORK staff and riverwatchers to be with such a motivated and passionate group of individuals united in their desire for a healthy Ottawa River watershed.


Written by : Meaghan Murphy