Riverwatch Program Expands

Given the importance of this program we are delighted to announce the hiring of our new Riverwatch Coordinator, Dr. Meaghan Murphy.

It takes a watershed to save a river. That’s why our Riverwatch Program is critical to protecting the Ottawa River and its tributaries. Through our River Watch Program, we work with volunteer riverwatchers – both groups and individuals – up and down the Ottawa River, as well as on tributaries such as the Mississippi and Gatineau Rivers. These dedicated people share their knowledge and passion with their local communities, and mobilize citizens on their river-reach to take action to protect our waters.

er ambitious plans for the next months include increased training and support for riverwatchers and the development of a ‘citizen science’ water quality monitoring program. You can find out more about her plans in the Riverwatch News.

We’re also happy to be welcoming two new Riverwatch Program groups to Ottawa Riverkeeper. The Mississippi Riverwatchers joined us over the winter and we’re already working with them on a major issue of concern: the flooding of a significant wetland by a small hydro operation. We will also be signing a memorandum of understanding with the Ottawa Chapter of Muskies Canada, the first fishing/hunting group to join us as riverwatchers. You can learn a bit about our famous Ottawa River muskellunge in the Wild Side. Our feature onStalking the Elusive Muskie takes you into the science of trying to protect this awe-inspiring fish. Both articles were written by science journalism student Andrea Hill (a real a-fish-ianado). She graduates this year (April 2013) from Carleton University and will be an excellent catch for any media outlet or non-profit interested in producing high-quality science communications.

Finally, don’t forget to peruse our Upcoming Events.

And if you’re interested in volunteering, we’re currently looking for citizen journalists (French and English) who want to cover serious river news and issues. If you’re a writer, photographer/videographer, editor or translator and you want to be part of our exciting newsletter team contact Alexandra Brett. I can promise you, it won’t be boring.