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Ottawa Riverkeeper is a citizen-based action group that brings people together to protect and promote the ecological health and diversity of the Ottawa River and its tributaries.  Expert and independent, our organization advocates for responsible decision-making, public education, participation, access to information, and compliance with protective regulations, for the benefit of our river and our communities.
Ottawa Riverkeeper is licensed member of Waterkeeper Alliance, an international grass roots advocacy organization, founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  


We take action to defend the Ottawa River, and to influence decisions that affect the health and future of the river.  We work collaboratively, to enforce protective regulations and seek effective solutions.  By providing clear science-based information, we aim to engage the public and empower citizens to become advocates for the protection of our river and our communities.


The Ottawa River is clean and healthy.  Its water is safe for drinking and swimming.  It supports a diverse range of species, invites recreation and enables sustainable economic activity. Knowledge, shared pride and respect for the river are the foundations for its protection in perpetuity.


Defending the Ottawa River, Protecting Our Communities.

  • Science leads our thinking.  The decisions we make regarding the river stem from good science produced by expert, independent sources.
  • Responsibility must be taken.  Polluting should have a price, just as stewardship should be rewarded.
  • Participation is essential.  All citizens should have the opportunity to contribute to decisions that affect the health and future of their river.
  • Every effort counts.  By taking small steps to save our river—both individually and collectively—we can achieve important positive change.
  • Water is the thread connecting our communities and our actions.  The choices we make and steps we take have consequences for our river, our region and our health.
  • Rivers reflect the places through which they flow.  Healthy rivers reveal well-informed, active and responsible communities.




Meredith Brown is a strong science-based voice for the Ottawa River, acting as its full-time “watchdog”. Since 2004, Meredith has significantly raised the profile of the Ottawa River and brought important issues such as sewage dumping and radioactive waste to the attention of the public and decision-makers. The Riverkeeper is regularly called on to comment on issues that impact the river and to provide insightful solutions and recommendations to improve the health and future of the Ottawa River.

Meredith holds biology and environmental engineering degrees from Queen’s University and the University of Guelph. She also earned a Masters in Resource and Environmental Management from Simon Fraser University where she studied with Robert Newbury, a world-renowned river engineer and stream restoration specialist.

Meredith’s compelling leadership and collaborative approach has brought excellent results and Meredith is networked with key players throughout the watershed. Meredith sits on several advisory committees including an Environmental Stewardship Committee with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, the Fisheries Management Advisory Committee for the Ottawa River with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and the City of Ottawa’s Stormwater Management Advisory Committee. Meredith was recently named a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.
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