At Ottawa Riverkeeper, we believe it’s vital to work with others in our mission to help protect and promote the ecological health of the Ottawa River and watershed. After all, with a watershed larger than many countries, we have a lot of ground to cover!

We’re incredibly thankful to the individual donors, private foundations, local business and corporate supporters that join us to help protect and promote our amazing watershed. Together, we’re working towards our vision of a swimmable, drinkable, and fishable Ottawa River that current and future generations can all enjoy.

To see a list of all donors who gave $1,000 or more please see our Annual Reports.

Major Partners:

Community Partners:

Big Rig Brewery

Big Rig Brewery has partnered with us to provide drinks for our events, including the 2020 Gala. Additionally, they created a specialty beer for us as a fundraiser: the Sturgeon General!

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Bushtukah is a great local partner, often helping through prize donations for Ottawa Riverkeeper events and, as a Patagonia retailer, recommended us for a Patogonia grant that supported work on water quality testing at local beaches.

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Dominion City Brewing Co.

Dominion City has partnered with us to provide drinks for our events, including the 2020 Gala. Additionally, 1% of sales from their City Seltzer line goes to support our work!

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Loudmouth is our go to option for all our printing. This local print shop uses recycled, post consumer, and paper sourced from sustainable forests.

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Mill Street Brewpub

Mill Street Brewpub has been an awesome partner on many projects, hosting several of our events, doing water quality testing near their building, and going plastic straw free!

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Mountain Web Media

Mountain Web Media is our incredible web host, making the website you are seeing possible! They also provide tech advice and help when we need it.

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Muskoka Brewery

Muskoka Brewery have been a great partner of ours, helping us at events, doing shoreline cleanups with their staff, and supporting our work.

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Ottawa City Rafting

Ottawa City Rafting has been an amazing partner for many years, taking the Ottawa Riverkeeper staff on team-building rafting adventures!

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Wall Space Gallery and Framing

Wall Space has been a long time supporter of our work, organizing fundraisers and connecting us with local artists. Many of these artists focus on nature and river themes in their work and have generously donated pieces for our silent auctions.

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