Ottawa River Flood Relief – Updates


Our hearts go out to all those who are struggling against the rising waters of the mighty Ottawa River. Thanks to everyone who is helping out where they can. Here at Ottawa Riverkeeper we are doing our best to provide direction and comfort to those affected by the flooding.

We are here to give you information and to direct people to the many areas where they can give, or receive, a hand. Whether your home is being encroached upon by the flood waters, or you are looking to help out those whose homes are, we hope the information on this page will be of use. This includes how to stay safe during flooding, whether from contaminants in the water or other risks posed by flooding, as well as practical tools such as where and how to get involved with the flood relief process. Help can take many forms, so do not worry if you can’t dig on the floodplains; there is a way for you to help – and now is the time your neighbors near and far are standing together to help each other out.

The links below will hopefully provide you with the information you need to get through this tough time. Ottawa Riverkeeper hopes you stay safe and dry this week!

What to do if your house is at risk:

The most important thing is to stay safe.

If your house is at risk, ask for help in your social media, people will show up. If water is starting to flood your house, turn off all electricity to avoid electrocution, and have an electrician certify that the power can be turned on again when water has gone away. Do not drink water from groundwater wells or surface water if you are anywhere near flooded areas, and do not flush your toilet if your septic tank is flooded, until water has gone back to normal water levels.  

English: Follow complete safety guidelines and resources, read the City of Ottawa website:

French: Follow complete safety guidelines and resources, read the City of Gatineau website:

To volunteer:

In times of crisis, help from friends and family, but also from neighbours and strangers, is essential to help the people affected cope and bounce back. You can play a role in this.

Please do not visit the flooded streets. You can best help by filling sandbags to protect houses or by helping clean up streets and shorelines from debris when the water has receded.  

Please give time, clothing or furniture generously to your local community center or to the Red Cross:  call 1-800-418-1111 or donate online

Contact your municipality to know how to protect your house and where you can go to give a hand. Here are a few :

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One response to “Ottawa River Flood Relief – Updates”

  1. K Green says:

    Much of the coverage is ignoring Constance Bay, which has received major damage. The community association there is doing an incredible job of co-ordinating, and so far they have had the help they need, but more will be needed to assist property owners to clean up over the next few week, when the press has moved on to some other latest news.