New Leadership at Ottawa Riverkeeper

We are excited to finally reveal the identity of our new Riverkeeper! Elizabeth Logue is joining the team effective immediately.

Ottawa, September 6, 2019 We are delighted to announce that a pivotal leadership position at Ottawa Riverkeeper has now been filled. Effective immediately, Elizabeth Logue is the organization’s new Riverkeeper.

It is with great enthusiasm that the Board of Directors and staff welcome Elizabeth to the Riverkeeper family. Elizabeth (Algonquin/Irish) was selected from a group of very talented candidates, all of whom we thank for their enduring dedication to our thriving watershed. 

Elizabeth’s 20-year career in the federal government focused largely on social and economic policy, including sustainable development and community well-being. Her passion lies in building partnerships with key players, including grassroots organizations, Indigenous, local and provincial governments. As a strong voice for community involvement, Elizabeth perfectly bridges the different constituents and allies that Ottawa Riverkeeper brings together on a range of collaborative projects. 

In tandem with our Executive Director Patrick Nadeau, Elizabeth will lead a dynamic and diverse team that is excited about the mission of keeping our waterways clean and accessible for all to swim, drink, and fish. Together, we look forward to growing our network of river supporters throughout the watershed, building on successful initiatives, and implementing ambitious programs with new partners.

As our new Riverkeeper, Elizabeth will represent us at the Waterkeeper Alliance, a global movement of more than 300 organizations working to safeguard clean water. Our membership in this network provides our Riverkeeper with a group of knowledgeable peers whose ideas and feedback are invaluable.

‘The Board of Directors is extremely proud and excited to welcome Elizabeth Logue as our new Riverkeeper! We are fully behind Elizabeth as she takes on this central role that will help to shape Ottawa Riverkeeper’s growth and success in the years to come. Her extensive experience, passion and inclusive leadership skills are immense assets for our organization. She will help to guide a diverse community of river lovers and stakeholders that are eager to collaborate and make great things happen for the good of our shared watershed,’ said Geoff Green, Chair of the Board. 

We thank the Leacross Foundation and other partners who are patrons of the Riverkeeper position.  

To find out what your new Riverkeeper is up to, follow Elizabeth on Twitter @NibiLogue 

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7 responses to “New Leadership at Ottawa Riverkeeper”

  1. Dave Brown says:

    Wonderful news!
    Wonderful choice!
    Congrats Elizabeth!!!

  2. Webb Watson says:

    Congratulations Elizabeth !!! We wish you every success in your new venture.

  3. B&D Humphrys says:

    Congrats Liz. !!!

  4. Cathy Williamson says:

    Congratulations Elizabeth and welcome.

    We live on the River at Westmeath – after a flooding in the Spring, we have not been able to take our pontoon boat (except for 4 times) because the River is too low. Our summer has not been a good one since we usually enjoy showing off our beautiful river and area.
    I cannot believe the rising and falling of the water levels is climate change.
    Hopefully the Riverkeeper and allies will go all they can to demand answers on our behalf. Please!

  5. Brad says:

    Hopefully she can bring some effective input as to better management of the O.R. with respect to the Spring Freshet. The present system of Dams/Reservoirs is not adequate.

  6. Louise says:

    So so proud of my cousin Elizabeth being named as the Riverkeeper— She will undoubtedly be a huge success!
    Lizzie— you bring so much pride to all of us as you carry your parents spirit and that of all our ancestors with such grace, determination and dignity! Way to go!!!

  7. TrudyS says:

    Congratulations Elizabeth on this new role. May we all work together with courage and humility to look after this beautiful waterway. You will be great in this role. All the best!