Law Students Working for the Ottawa River

It's the end of the school year and so we must sadly say goodbye to our wonderful volunteer law students from the University of Ottawa.

Thanks to the program Pro Bono Students Canada, this year we received the help of law students for 5 hours every week.  Working with Ottawa Riverkeeper staff members Stephanie Bolt and Adèle Michon, the 3 students researched and wrote papers on important topics for the river.

They looked into matters such as the legal framework governing municipal drains in Ontario and how environmental laws might help with the pollution problem in the Muskrat Lake watershed. On the Quebec side of the river, they also studied the regulation of land application of biosolids and the regulation of combined sewer overflows with the ultimate goal of our coming to understand the extent of the city of Gatineau’s compliance with these regulations.

A big thank you to Madi Vallani, Alexandra Pereira Nunes, and Andreas Kuntz for all the time you’ve devoted to helping protect the Ottawa River this year. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!
We hope to see you all again soon… perhaps on the river?