Industrial Wastewater

There are nine pulp and paper mills in the Ottawa River watershed that significantly contribute to industrial wastewater and point source pollution.

A typical pulp and paper mill generates 90 to 130 million litres of effluent per day. The effects of these effluents consist of chronic toxicity to aquatic organisms and eutrophication. Even though the volume of pulp mill effluents is expected to decrease, concentrations may increase. Colour, taste and odour have been detected 900 km downstream of pulp mills.

Of the mills in Canada, 80% report effects of effluents on fish. Despite decades of investments to improve the environmental performance of the pulp and paper industry, significant effects on aquatic ecosystem health continue to be documented across the country.

For more detailed information about the impacts of industrial wastewater in the Ottawa River Watershed, read the Ottawa Riverkeeper’s 2006 River Report.