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Mailing Address and Office Location:

301-275 Bay Street
Ottawa, ON
K1R 5Z5
Telephone: 613-321-1120

Staff Contact Information:

  • Patrick Nadeau, Executive Director 
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x 1007
    Email Patrick
  • Chloe Hillier, Director of Donor Relations
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x1003
    Email Chloe
  • Larissa Holman, Director of Science and Policy
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x 1006
    Email Larissa
  • MJ Proulx, Director, Watershed Network
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x 1005
    Email MJ
  • Dave Rayner, Operations Manager
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x 1010
    Email Dave
  • Katie Shafley, Events and Volunteer Coordinator
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x 1004
    Email Katie
  • Matthew Brocklehurst, Digital Communications Coordinator
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x1001
    Email Matthew
  • Caroline Keddy, Biologist
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x1011
    Email Caroline
  • Katy Alambo, Youth Leadership Coordinator
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x1000
    Email Katy
  • Sharmila Mahamuni, Administrative Assistant
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x1008
    Email Sharmila

Visitor Parking

Ottawa Riverkeeper has 3 easily accessible options for visitor parking. Option A is an exclusive Riverkeeper Visitor parking space, spot number 13, shown in purple. B is a 90 minute max, parked tightly to the wall, facing bay street, shown in green. Option C is 1 hour street parking on the far side of Bay Street, as it is a one way street, shown in blue. Our building backs onto residential streets, most of which also have 1-3 hour parking available. You can check for live updates of street parking at


Pollution Hotline:

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