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Staff Contact Information:

  • Elizabeth Logue
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x 1002
    Email Elizabeth
  • Patrick Nadeau
    Executive Director
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x 1007
    Email Patrick
  • Chloe Hillier
    Director of Donor Relations
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x1003
    Email Chloe
  • Larissa Holman
    Director of Science and Policy
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x 1006
    Email Larissa
  • Dave Rayner
    Operations Manager
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x 1010
    Email Dave
  • Katie Shafley
    Events and Volunteer Coordinator
    (Currently on leave of absence)
  • Matthew Brocklehurst
    Communications Coordinator
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x1001
    Email Matthew
  • Katy Alambo
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x1000
    Email Katy
  • Sharmila Mahamuni
    Administrative Assistant
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x1008
    Email Sharmila
  • Naomi Sarazin
    Senior Manager, Youth and Education Programs
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x1012
    Email Naomi
  • Mark Bernards
    Digital Content Creator and Graphic Designer
    Tel: 613-321-1120 x1014
    Email Mark
  • Alejandro Prescott-Cornejo
    Community Outreach Coordinator
    Email Alejandro
  • Katya Smirnova
    Youth Leadership Coordinator
    Email Katya

Visitor Parking

Ottawa Riverkeeper has 3 easily accessible options for visitor parking. Option A is an exclusive Riverkeeper Visitor parking space, spot number 13, shown in purple. B is a 90 minute max, parked tightly to the wall, facing bay street, shown in green. Option C is 1 hour street parking on the far side of Bay Street, as it is a one way street, shown in blue. Our building backs onto residential streets, most of which also have 1-3 hour parking available. You can check for live updates of street parking at


275 Bay Street

Walker’s Paradise

Explore Somerset on Walk Score

Mailing Address and Office Location:

275 Bay Street, #301
Ottawa, ON, K1R 5Z5
Telephone: 613-321-1120

General Inquiries:

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Pollution Hotline:

COVID-19 Update

Along with many other organizations, Ottawa Riverkeeper has temporarily closed its offices in order to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Many of our employees are continuing their work from home, but our office space will be closed for the time being. If you need to contact us, please use the contact form on our website, or send us an email.

Thank you for your patience.

Additionally, we are suspending use of our Learning Library resources until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.