Discussing the Future of the Ottawa River with ECCC Minister Catherine McKenna

We spoke with Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna about the future of the Ottawa River and how a wide range of stakeholders must work together to ensure we can all continue to swim, drink, and fish in the river for generations to come.

On January 17, we met with Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna to discuss the future of the Ottawa River.

The list of organizations that have a relationship with, or responsibility for, the river is long. The federal and provincial governments, First Nation communities, municipalities, power generators, paper mills, tourism associations, water-sport outfitters and other groups must all be given an opportunity to contribute as we build a coherent and integrated governance model for our vast watershed. Our vision of a clean and accessible river will only materialize if we pool our resources and work together in partnership.

For years now Ottawa Riverkeeper has been reaching out to groups and individuals across the watershed and laying the groundwork for the creation of a collaborative Watershed Council. Minister McKenna and her staff are watching closely as they await the results of a federal study that will make recommendations this summer on the best way forward. We are delighted that a shared understanding is developing, and excited to see that momentum is growing for collective action! In more ways than one, 2018 will be a watershed year!

MJ Proulx, Director, Watershed Council

3 responses to “Discussing the Future of the Ottawa River with ECCC Minister Catherine McKenna”

  1. Harry Foster says:

    So glad you all got together to discuss a matter that is of such concern to us that live on the river and all who get their drinking water from it. Would be so sad if this historic river that recently got its Heritage Status ended up having a Nuclear Waste site close to its shores.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Paul Gallagher says:

    Bravo! Your ongoing efforts to examine, investigate, raise awareness and concerns on this important and extremely long term issue is well appreciated

  3. Helen Cooper says:

    Good news to read of your ongoing concern re our great Ottawa river
    Years ago I learned from a from a woman whose husband played hockey with Deep River workers. After hearing what they had to say about safety she would never eat fish caught in the Ottawa river.
    Sincerely Helen Cooper.