Water Quality

The Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel means a cleaner Ottawa River

November 20th, 2020 saw the official opening event for a brand new piece of Ottawa City infrastructure: the Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel. What does that have to do with the river? The new tunnel is designed to help protect the river from the harmful effects of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs).

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Microplastics in the Ottawa River

We are excited to see that our report on microplastics in the Ottawa River continues to resonate with the public. However, we are concerned that these findings have recently been misrepresented.

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World Water Monitoring Day 2020

Today we celebrate World Water Monitoring Day! Did you know that Ottawa Riverkeeper does its own in house water quality testing?

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Beach Closures and Blue-Green Algae

Nothing’s better on a hot summer day than spending time at your local beach, but warmer temperatures increase the risk of blue-green algae blooms which could lead to beach closures. But what are blue-green algae? Where do blooms come from and how could this affect the swim season?

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Fish Kill Incident on Rivière du Lièvre: updated August 15th

Multiple fish kill incidents occurred in July 2019 in the Lièvre river. After receiving eyewitness reports, we contacted authorities and took our boat out to survey the situation and take water samples. Investigations are ongoing and many questions remain.

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