Policy and Legislation

An update on Triclosan

Since 2014, Ottawa Riverkeeper and other groups have been working hard to have triclosan banned from Canadian products. In October 2020, new legislation came into effect limiting the use of Triclosan. We are disappointed in this outcome, but there is cause for optimism.

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Ottawa River Fish kill – One year later

On July 8th, 2019, Ottawa Riverkeeper heard of large numbers of dead fish downstream of the Lièvre River. One year later, we look back at this incident and worry that not much has changed.

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Federal Election: Our Watershed Priorities

The federal election campaign is now in full swing! We would like to share with you our concerns and aspirations for the well-being of the Ottawa River watershed we all share.

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Federal government tables report on Ottawa River Watershed: what does it mean and what’s next?

The Federal Government report on the Ottawa River Watershed was tabled on June 19th 2019. Here is what we are taking away from it, and what we are doing going forward.

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The Ontario Endangered Species Act: A Disappearing Act?

Have you heard? The Ontario government is in the process of amending the province’s Endangered Species Act (ESA). This is the long-established piece of legislation that aims to protect aquatic and terrestrial species whose population numbers are in such decline that they are in danger of disappearing all together from Ontario.

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