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Nature Inspiration Award Winner

The entire team of volunteers, supporters and employees at Ottawa Riverkeeper congratulates Meredith Brown, winner of the Canadian Museum of Nature’s 2015 Inspiration Award.

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Our American Eels in the News

The American eel is one of the Ottawa River’s key biological links to the Atlantic Ocean traveling from the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic up the St. Lawrence River to the Ottawa. Researchers have finally followed an adult eel from the St. Lawrence to their breeding grounds near Bermuda proving that they do in fact return…

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In Recognition of Your Riverkeeper…

Thanks to the Canadian Museum of Nature, we get to celebrate your Riverkeeper Meredith Brown all while taking the swimmable, drinkable, fishable cause to a wider audience.

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7 Water Questions To Ask Your Federal Candidates

Ensure your next MP knows about key water issues.

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11 Species of Fish Caught in 24 Hours

Sure, with over 85 kinds of fish in our river we could have caught more, but since when was catching all the fish you ever wanted not a problem? Last week’s 24-hour Fishathon on the Ottawa River was a success in raising awareness about stewardship and biodiversity!

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