A ladder at Carillon could help save the American eel

Constructing an eel ladder on the Carillon dam could provide our endangered and fragmented American eel population with the fighting chance it deserves.

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FAQs on the Carillon Dam and the American eel

In the fall of 2020 it was announced that the Carillon Dam, the most significant barrier to American eel migration into the Ottawa River watershed, would be undergoing major renovations. We’ve assembled a series of questions and answers to bring you up to speed on the relationship between the dam and this endangered fish species in our watershed.

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Our American eels are vital, but they’re in trouble

Despite its cultural significance and ecological role in the Ottawa River, the American eel has dramatically declined in recent decades. This fascinating species has been heavily impacted by changes in the watershed. We believe you should know why this has happened and why American eels matter in the Ottawa River.

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Invasive or not? Responding to potential invaders requires proper identification.

In July, Riverwatcher Jennifer Haughton submitted a report of some water lily like plants that had recently taken over a large section of Webb’s Bay, an embayment of the Ottawa River in Bristol, QC.

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Youth Nature Journaling

Ottawa Riverkeeper’s Youth Water Leaders Program is hosting a 6-week workshop series on Nature Journaling.

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