Bonnechere River Community Paddle

We had a blast at the 8th annual community paddle down the Bonnechere River!

On July 13, more than 60 people, young and old, experienced and not, gathered to paddle down the Bonnechere River from Eganville to the Bonnechere Caves. The annual event is organized by the Bonnechere River Watershed Project (BRWP) and the Ottawa River Institute.

It was a wonderful opportunity to discover a bucolic, more remote waterway with a sparsely developed riverbank. Led by BRWP Chair Kathy Lindsay – with a fiddler in her canoe no less! – the nearly two-hour outing took the meandering group through tiny rapids, marsh areas, and ended just before the falls, west of the Caves.

This community paddle is part of the Celebrate Our Rivers Paddle Series, which runs until mid-September. As an ally of BRWP, Ottawa Riverkeeper was delighted to take part in this year’s edition. Hope to see some of you at one of these welcoming and leisurely paced events this summer!