Getting Results on Water Quality

With winter setting in, we can look back at our summer swim season with an analytical mind. How did our beaches fare this year? Is the water being tested with the needed rigour? And what can you do to help improve water quality on the Ottawa River?

Riverwatchers test water

To this end we’ve pulled together several articles touching on various aspects of water quality on the Ottawa River. An interview with our Riverwatch Coordinator Meaghan Murphy by Patricia Montreuil reveals how Meaghan’s passion for plants and people led her from the halls of academia to Ottawa Riverkeeper’s Riverwatch Program. This past summer, Meaghan launched our water quality test program, training over 15 riverwatchers to take water quality samples from their reach of the river.

Swim Guide to the rescue

Our free Swim Guide app, and what it can do for you, are profiled by Ashley Brasfield, as well as an interview with Ottawa Public Health on water quality testing at local beaches.

5 Things you can do

Is there anything that you can do to help protect water quality on the Ottawa River? You bet. Check out our 5 Things column for five actions you can take to help keep our Ottawa River healthy and clean. Most importantly, though, continue to get out, use the river, and let your friends, neighbours and politicians know: you want a swimmable, drinkable, fishable Ottawa River.

It’s your river. It’s your right.