Watershed Beach Pass

How to play:

  • Step 1: Register your Watershed Beach Pass.
  • Step 2: Visit one (or several) of the awesome beaches in the watershed and do at least 7 of the activities on the pass below.
  • Step 3: Let us know by email, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram when you are done using the hashtag #WatershedBeachPass, and be entered into a draw to win a brand new Ottawa Riverkeeper beach towel.
  • Bonus: do all 10 activities to earn a bonus entry!

<span class="dojodigital_toggle_title">Watershed Beach Pass</span>
Leave no trash Tag us in a beach selfie Leave your car at home Get in the water Thank a lifeguard Check water quality Visit a new beach Find 5 plants or animals Send us a beach photo Visit 3 beaches Pollution Hotline

Leave no trash

Use reusable containers and leave no trash behind.

Tag us in a beach selfie

Tag Ottawa Riverkeeper on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram in your beach selfie and use the hashtag #WatershedBeachPass!

Leave your car at home

Walk, bike, run or take public transit to your beach instead of driving.

Get in the water

Get in the water to at least your waist. Swim, wade, or just splash around!

Thank a lifeguard

Thank a lifeguard for keeping swimmers safe.

Check water quality

Check the water quality at your beach using Swim Guide!

Visit a new beach

Visit a beach you’ve never gone to before by using Swim Guide to find a new one.

Find 5 plants or animals

Spot 5 different animal and/or plant species at one beach!

Send us a beach photo

Send us a photo of the beach you’re visiting; and if there’s not already a photo of it on Swim Guide, this square counts double!

Visit 3 beaches

Summer hat trick: visit three different beaches.

Pollution Hotline

Bonus: Call our Pollution Hotline at 1-888-9KEEPER to report anything strange you see on the river.