Five Things to Protect the River

YOU CAN make a difference and help to improve water quality in our river. Don’t feel helpless: Take Action!


1. Do not dispose of any pharmaceutical products in the toilet. IT ALL ENDS UP IN THE RIVER. Bring them to your local pharmacy.

2. Carefully choose your personal care products. They may contain chemicals that mimic hormones. THEY ALL END UP IN THE RIVER.

3. The toilet isn’t a garbage receptacle – IT ALL ENDS UP IN THE RIVER. Put used tampons and condoms in the garbage can.

4. Don’t use your storm drain to dispose of household chemicals, swimming pool water or used water from car washing. IT ALL ENDS UP IN THE RIVER. Drive your car onto the lawn to wash it or go to the carwash.

5. Call our Pollution Hotline if you see material being dumped into the river, a creek or storm drain.