A busy few weeks for our new Riverkeeper!

Elizabeth Logue has been hard at work in her first few weeks as Riverkeeper. See highlights of what she has already achieved for the watershed!

Our new Riverkeeper, Elizabeth Logue, has launched herself into the work with alacrity! Have you spotted her at a community event? Here is a glimpse into what she has already accomplished, and what working as the Riverkeeper looks like!

Hickorynut Freshwater Mussel Survey

We are currently working on a fantastic joint venture with André Martel at the Canadian Museum of Nature on the Hickorynut mussel. This mussel lives in our watershed, but is a federally listed endangered species. It has an important relationship with another endangered species, lake Sturgeon, as part of its life cycle. 

The project involves a series of jointly organized dives to survey the populations of Hickorynut mussels in the Ottawa river, and look for signs of the invasives species that threaten them, such as Zebra mussels. 

The first of these dives was already completed, and Elizabeth was part of the expedition! She got to learn about the project, and get out on the water in official Riverkeeper capacity!

Pacte de l’Amitié

On August 28th we were part of the Pacte de l’Amitié event at Grenville sur la Rouge. This unique partnership in our watershed sees 41 municipalities from three regions collaborating to tackle issues of shared concern. These regions are MRC d’Argenteuil and MRC de Papineau on the Quebec side of the river, and the United Counties of Prescott and Russell on the Ontario side. 

At their latest gathering they pledged to protect the Ottawa River that runs through their territory and brings them together. To do this, they partnered with Ottawa Riverkeeper to launch several initiatives, including multiple shoreline cleanups and activities where youth will work to protect the river. 

Elizabeth was a keynote speaker at the event. She provided insight into what Ottawa Riverkeeper will be doing to support the Pacte de l’Amitié as a member of this new and exciting partnership. 

Representing Ottawa Riverkeeper in the Community

Elizabeth has also been at work acting as the voice of Ottawa Riverkeeper. She has been highly involved with several community events, such as being the MC for the annual Gatineau Riverfest, hosted by the Friends of the Gatineau. Taking place just after the announcement of her new position, this event was her first public appearance as Riverkeeper!

Elizabeth also participated in the Mòshkamo Grand Entry for the opening of the Mòshkamo Indigenous Arts Festival! Along with dozens of other paddlers, Elizabeth took part in the flotilla of dignitaries along the Rideau Canal to the National Arts Centre.

Look out for Elizabeth at future events throughout the watershed. Coming up, she will be speaking at the Climate March on September 27th on Parliament Hill. Stay tuned for details of this and other events.