10 Things You Can Do For Your River

The Ottawa River is the lifeblood of our community. It provides drinking water, supports a range of species and ecosystems, sustains economic activity, is a worldclass destination for recreation, and is an important piece of our history and culture.

10 things4

1. Clean Green.

Choose non-toxic household, personal care and lawn maintenance products.

2. Eat Organic. Eat Local.

Support local farmers who practice sustainable organic farming methods.

3. Drink Tap Water.

Municipal tap water is regularly tested and is rated amongst the safest in the world. Let’s keep it that way!

4. Conserve.

Using less water reduces the burden on our river, minimizes environmental impacts and supports future generations.

5. Reduce Stormwater.

Use rain barrels, plant trees, avoid paving surfaces and install a “green roof” to reduce stormwater run-off.

6. Use Your River.

Swim. Drink. Fish. Using your river sends the message that it’s worth protecting. When we stop using the river we welcome its disintegration.

7. Educate. Inspire. Inform.

Learn about your river and how it benefits your community, and encourage others to become advocates for the river too.

8. Waste Management.

Properly dispose of batteries, paints, pharmaceuticals and toxic chemicals to prevent unsafe run-off into the river.

9. Scoop.

Doggie waste enters our river untreated. Picking up after your pets prevents additional bacterial contamination and shoreline pollution.

10. Maintain Your Vehicles.

Proper car, boat and motorcycle maintenance prevents oil and other leaky fluids from running-off into the river.

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10 things you can do

Did you know?

The Ottawa River spans 1,271 km, making it the second largest in eastern Canada. It’s recognized as a globally significant waterway, and is the largest tributary of the St. Lawrence River.