River Mission

The goal of River Mission is to mobilize politicians, influential leaders, local communities, especially in Quebec, to protect the Ottawa River watershed. River Mission is a joint project with the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation and Blue Legacy International, an organization founded by Alexandra Cousteau.

Why River Mission?

River Mission’s goal is to mobilize politicians, influential leaders, local communities and the population of Quebec to protect the Ottawa River, one of Canada’s most important rivers.

Taking place over a three year period, River Mission began by establishing a permanent Ottawa Riverkeeper Director of Operations for the Province of Quebec. Then, in 2013, River Mission carried out two expeditions on the Ottawa River.

Youth on the River

The first Ottawa River Expedition, held in August 2013, allowed the four young philanthropists from the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation — who spearheaded the project — to experience life on the river firsthand. Through this, they were able to truly embrace the project, understand how they can make a difference, and in the process, become engaged spokespeople for River Mission. See videos from their expeditions here.

Cousteau Leads Expedition

In September of 2013, River Mission partner Blue Legacy International — led by Alexandra Cousteau — carried out a second expedition on the Ottawa River.  Traveling the river with a crew of talented film makers, Cousteau filmed the dedicated people and magnificent places that make up our beautiful river. The result was these three short films examining:


A Summit for the River

As the last step of the River Mission project, we organized the second Ottawa River Summit  which took place on May 29th 2015. We brought together all the decision makers and citizens whose activities have an impact on the river, to determine together an appropriate means of collaborative governance, and to develop a strategic plan supported by the majority of stakeholders. Read more about what happened in our blog.