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Riverkeeper 4K 2014 Highlights

Ottawa Riverkeeper Introduction

Official Teaser — Blue Legacy Expeditions 2014

Alexandra Cousteau, granddaughter of the famous oceanographer, and the Blue Legacy expedition team produced 3 short films on the Ottawa River following their cinematic 10 day journey down the river. They collected important data and created three documentaries on the following topics: the water quality of the Ottawa River, the impact of dams on the river and the governance of the river. The production of these documentaries was made possible through funding from the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation.

Ottawa River: Understanding Our Water

Whether for drinking, swimming or fishing, the Ottawa river truly is a grand river for the people however its waters are threatened by pollutants that are fast tracked into the water. Alexandra Cousteau and Blue Legacy follow the river to understand these challenges and speak with local water heroes working on improving its health.


The River of Many Voices

The Ottawa River flows through federal and first nations lands, forms a border between two provinces, is governed under common and civil law and transverses multiple municipalities — so how exactly do we manage its use? In the heart of Ottawa Alexandra Cousteau and Blue Legacy explore why this grand river struggles to find a unified voice.

Nature’s course: The Damming of the Ottawa

The natural flow of water once ruled the landscape, carving a path to the sea and shaping a finely balanced ecosystem. Dams now fracture the Ottawa River, with environmental consequences that reach from the source all the way to the confluence of the St Lawrence River.


We Should Tell Them…

Three young philanthropists take a canoe trip on the Ottawa River to raise awareness of conservation issues of the river.