Our Financials

Current financial situation

For fiscal year ending March 31, 2018

We’re showing you our expenses this way, rather than the traditional pie chart, because we adhere to the emerging consensus that traditional measurements of “charity efficiency” (i.e. lowest possible “overhead”) are not representative of an organization’s impact and effectiveness. (Much has been written on this topic, for examples see here and here). Funds spent on administration, governance, and fundraising shouldn’t be seen as amounts directed away from our cause, but rather as critical investments necessary to sustainably deliver our programs and generate future income. Ottawa Riverkeeper responsibly and transparently tracks its expenses in this category, which include such mission-critical investments as producing an Annual Report, auditing our financial statements, ensuring board oversight, advertising job postings, insuring our property and the participants of our programs, maintaining computers and software, and providing professional development opportunities for staff. In fiscal year 2018, we also incurred one-time expenses related to moving to a new and larger office, as well as a rebranding exercise to change our name in French.

Ottawa Riverkeeper’s financial statements are audited by an independent third party annually and made available thereafter on this website. We are committed to the responsible and transparent management of the funds we receive from our generous supporters. Should you have any questions about our financials from this or previous fiscal years, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@ottawariverkeeper.ca.