We Want To Know

We want to know when untreated
sewage flows into our river

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Our River. Our Playground

We eat, drink, swim, fish, and paddle here. Our river connects provinces, communities and ecosystems, is an important part of our history, and is a world-class recreation destination.

We deserve to know when our water isn’t safe and which areas we should avoid at certain times. (You can read our report on water quality in the river here)

Did You Know?

  • Untreated sewage often flows into the Ottawa River especially when it rains or when snow melts
  • Municipal wastewater is a significant pollution source for the Ottawa River
  • Recreational water users rarely know when sewage is being released
  • Flashing lights and public notices could be used to tell the public when sewage is being released

Tell your Mayor, you want to know when sewage is being dumped into your river and your playground.

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