Meet the Summit Youth Delegation 2015

We understand that today’s youth are tomorrow’s water leaders and that they can play an important part in restoring and protecting the Ottawa River today. Therefore, we've assembled this water-minded group to ensure the inclusion and the recognition of diverse youth voices within this collaborative planning summit. Get to know the Youth Delegation!

Meaghan Youth DelegationMeaghan Kelly

I’m a recent graduate from St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish Nova Scotia. There I studied Earth Sciences and Aquatic Resources and found my passion for water conservation. My grandmother owns a cottage on the Ottawa River in Norway Bay, and my extended family gathers there every summer. Our cottage and that river occupy some of my fondest childhood memories of swimming, waterskiing and stargazing on the dock. I’m honoured to be part of the discussion at the Ottawa River Summit 2015 and I look forward to learning everything I can from the experience.


OliverDrumville Youth DelegationOliver Dumville

I am a water policy specialist who has lived in the Ottawa/Gatineau area for close to a year. For the past 8 years, my educational and professional undertakings have revolved around studying complex environmental issues, and searching for innovative solutions—much like the intentions of this Aquahacking initiative. I look forward to joining the Youth Delegation and learning more about issues affecting the Ottawa River, a resource that is near and dear to the hearts of so many people. I look forward to joining the Youth Delegation and learning more about issues affecting the Ottawa River, a resource that is near and dear to the hearts of so many people.


Amy Rawding Youth DelegationAmy Rawding

I was born in Wolfville, Nova Scotia but moved to Ottawa when I was 5. I grew up here and know this city like the back of my hand. I think Ottawa is a great place for outdoor activities. It is so close to water, including, the canal, the Rideau River, the Ottawa River and the many beaches. It’s great because I am an outdoors person who loves biking, swimming, and walking through parks, among other activities. I am currently an undergrad student at Carleton University majoring in Geomatics with a focus in Environmental Studies. The environment has always been important to me, for as long as I can remember. I feel that water is the planet’s more important resource and we need to do everything we can to conserve it and maintain its quality. I am looking forward to being part of the Youth Delegation for the Ottawa River Summit 2015.


Sahar Seif Youth DelegationSahar Seif

I’m a Carleton University student completing an Integrated science major with a double minor in Biology and Film studies. I’m an online English teacher for TutorABC located in Taipei, Taiwan. I am the president of an environmental club at Carleton called Ecological Awareness Group.I also volunteer with the organization Let’s Talk Science and have volunteered at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden since the summer of 2013. My belief is that if we work on the children, they will grow with knowledge and wisdom and they will choose to protect the ecosystems, simply because they will understand the importance of nature and its connectivity to humans. We are responsible to keep our land and water clean for the purposes of us and all other creatures that call earth home.


Justin Mckenzie Daughter Youth DelegationJustin Mckenzie

I am from the beautiful place of Eagle Village First Nation, Kipawa, Quebec. This is my daughter and it’s one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever taken. This lake feeds into Kipawa lake which then feeds into the Ottawa River. I love to fish, swim, hunt, etc. I like to spend my summer days at camp and winter ice fishing. I just really enjoy the outdoors and this is the reason I am so excited to attend this summit!


Derek Newton Youth DelegationDerek Newton

I am a university student at Queen’s University. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, with a Minor in Biology. I have lived in Ottawa my whole life and enjoy hiking and camping around the Ottawa Valley region with family and friends. I have played competitive baseball and golf throughout high school. I have a passion for the natural sciences and aquatic wildlife. I have learned throughout my schooling years  the importance of having  access to clean water, and feel that as Canadians, in a country blessed with so many pristine lakes and rivers, we should be doing everything we can to preserve it for the good of our community and future generations to use it as well. I enjoy travelling to the Maritimes to visit family and the USA. I have volunteered at the Ottawa Mission and the Matthew House Furniture Bank in Ottawa in order to try to give back my community and help the those in need, and hope to continue to do so in various ways.


Marny Girard Youth DelegationMarny Girard

I have recently finished a graduate program in Environmental Management and Assessment from Algonquin College and I have previously obtained an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from Carleton University. Through my studies, I have learned about the cultural and historical significance of the Ottawa River. I have also had the opportunity to collect and analyze samples from the Ottawa River in order to measure the influence of various pollutants. I have lived in Ottawa my entire life and have had many wonderful experiences on the Ottawa River. I have enjoyed canoeing, kayaking, and swimming in the Ottawa River and I frequently ride my bike along the Ottawa River Parkway. The issues and concerns surrounding the Ottawa River are multi-faceted and require a collaborative effort. I am excited to see the innovative and creative solutions that will be brought forth at the AquaHacking Summit.


Turkoize Youth DelegationTurkoize

I am a multidisciplinary artist from Ottawa, more specifically from the Hull area. I chose the water theme for my Young Volunteer Project. It consists in creating 9 relevant paintings and one installation (a sculpture). Thus I would like to prompt people to think about their water consumption and the ways they can make a difference. I believe that, here in Quebec, we are very lucky to have all those natural water sources and not to pay for our use. I feel that it is my duty to contribute and become fully involved in this valuable cause.


Sophie Lafrance Youth DelegationSophie Lafrance

I’m a 4th year University of Ottawa Biology student currently working as the swim guide coordinator at Ottawa River Keeper. I’ve lived in Ottawa my whole life and have always been around the Ottawa river. I love rollerskating or running by it during the summer and skating on the canal during the winter. I also have a huge passion for the environment and I know that the Ottawa River is very important for a bunch of ecosystems, as well as the population of several communities. It is therefore very important to me. Being part of the Youth Delegation seems like an excellent opportunity to meet a bunch of people that also care about the Ottawa River and also to be able to perhaps make a difference.


Maryse Youth DelegationMaryse Godin

I am 18 years old and I study natural sciences at Cégep de l’Outaouais. In my opinion, nature is a major stake today both in economic and political contexts and in social one. That is why I chose to pursue my studies in the area of environmental protection and to make it my mission. I like to identify problems and find ways to rectify them, I also strongly believe in the power of cooperation. Geographically, Ottawa River separates Quebec from Ontario, but humanly it unites us as from both sides of the River we enjoy the beauty of its scenery and its beaches, its drinking water and hydroelectric potential as well as many more. Due to all of these reasons, I believe that we need to work together to protect this River so dear to our communities.


Anna Currie Youth DelegationAnnie Currie

I am a fourth year student in Carleton University’s Bachelor of Social Work program, and I have a passion for social justice and environmental protection. My love for the outdoors has been developed as a result of many experiences including spending much of my childhood on my family’s organic farm, participating in camping and canoeing trips, and becoming an avid cross country and downhill skier. However, it has been my experiences as a competitive rower which have truly established my mindfulness towards the environment—specifically water. I am originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, and my first years of rowing were spent on a small, human-created lake. When I relocated to Ottawa in 2013 to pursue my academic and athletic goals, I became a member of the Ottawa Rowing Club, and was immediately overwhelmed and awed by the size of the river. I am looking forward to this opportunity to learn about as well as contribute to the future of the river, and also to be able to share what I learn with members of my community in order to increase overall awareness and interest.


Louise Alexandre de Gaspe BeaubienLouis-Alexandre de Gaspé Beaubien

I am studying at Montreal’s Lower Canada College. Involved since 2011 in the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation initiative on water conservation, I am one of the instigators of River Mission, which seeks to raise awareness among riverine communities of the need to preserve the Ottawa River. One day, my brother, my cousin and I were asked, “What would you do tomorrow if you were given the means to make a difference in the world?”  Our answer was, “After looking at a variety ideas and research projects, we decided that water would be our workhorse. We believe that one day a water shortage could cause a global social crisis that only the strongest can win. That’s why we’ve chosen to help future generations find solutions.”


Capture d’écran 2015-05-28 à 16.26.27Colin Bunge

A human resources specialist with more than 20 years experience, Colin has established himself in the training and development sector in New Zealand and Canada. Since 2010 Colin has been in charge of the Ottawa area with Summit Team Building and has been designing and delivering team building events and leadership training to clients in the private and public sector. With his degree in Human Resources from Lakehead University and his extensive experience in leading teams through challenging events he has helped thousands of people to develop their potential. Colin’s strength is his listening skills and his trusting smile to make others feel comfortable in challenging situations. He has a proven ability to bring a team together to accomplish great things. Colin’s infectious spirit is a sought after addition to many teams. When Colin is out of the office he can be found teaching white water canoeing, coaching cross country skiing, or undertaking an adventure with his family.


BrigitteBrigitte Boudreau

I am one of two coordinators for the Youth Delegation along with Colin. I am the Community Outreach Coordinator with Ottawa Riverkeeper. I am incredibly happy to have the opportunity to work alongside such intelligent, dynamic and passionate people as the members of this Youth Delegation! I have a background in social work (MSW) and I am greatly passionate about the many ways environmental protection is intertwined and inseparable from social justice. Both in my work and my away-from-work life, I strongly believe in the power of community and the importance of reaching out to all members of community to inspire and engage in improving how we interact with this planet we live on. In my free time, I am try to spend my time outside: walking, camping, canoeing, stand up paddleboarding, swimming, and gardening!


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