Request a Speaker

Request a Speaker

Ottawa Riverkeeper’s staff, Riverwatchers and volunteers can be booked to give presentations, workshops and educational programs on a variety of topics related to river health.

Community involvement is critical to protecting our waters for future generations and we appreciate all opportunities to work with groups to protect the watershed.

Riverkeeper staff and volunteers can be booked in advance to speak to your group on issues affecting the health of our river. In addition, we are available to give educational workshops on the sources of pollution in our watershed, and what you can do to help reduce pollution and shoreline damage.

Please note that we are a charitable organization supported by funding from donors such as you. We ask that groups requesting a speaker provide an honorarium (a charitable tax receipt will be issued), run a fundraiser for Ottawa Riverkeeper (a bake sale or book sale for example), or organize an activity that engages people in protecting the river. A shoreline clean-up, building a community rain garden, or organizing a collection of old prescription drugs for proper disposal, are all possibilities.

Due to her grueling schedule, our Riverkeeper, Meredith Brown, can only be booked under special arrangements, and we do charge an honorarium for her time.

If you would like to request a speaker please fill out this form and we will get back to you within a week.