Though you can’t always see it, we all have waterfront property; pipes that leave our homes deliver water – and whatever is put in it – to the very same river that we and millions of others drink from. Let’s help make sure that our water stays safe and healthy by following a few simple guidelines:

• Use environmentally-friendly household chemicals and cleaners because your pipes are linked to the river.
• Take hazardous household materials to a disposal depot. Don’t dump them in sink or bathtub drains.
• Reduce your water use, especially during heavy rain events when local sewage treatment plants get overloaded.
• Refrain from non-essential use of lawn and garden chemicals including pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides.
• Use natural compost instead of chemical fertilizers on your lawn. If you have to use fertilizers, do not apply when rain is forecasted.
• In winter, keeping ice and snow off your driveway and side walks is important for safety. However, put your sidewalk and driveway on a low salt diet.
• Build a healthy lawn. The key to a weed- and pest-free lawn is to build strength in your grass.