exampleSome of the most fun to be had on the river is driving, or being towed behind, a boat. Poor boat storage, cleaning, and maintenance can be harmful to the health of the river, however, so here are a few simple things to keep in mind when using the river responsibly:

• Whenever possible, choose an Eco-Rated Marina or Yacht Club to house your boat.
• Pump out the holding tanks on your boat only at approved pump-out stations.
• Remember your boat cleaners end up in the river, so be sure to use non-toxic and phosphate-free cleaners.
• Always consider a four-stroke engine. Older 2-stroke engines can dump up to 30% of their unburned fuel into the water.
• Never dump untreated sewage into the river.
• Throwing trash overboard is illegal. Take all garbage ashore and dispose of it properly.
• Be respectful of where you travel – stay out of ecologically sensitive areas. Proceed slowly in shadow areas and watch your wake.
• Prevent the introduction of non-native species by thoroughly cleaning your boat before traveling a new waterbody.

For more information: Clean Boater Program