Vous et votre rive!

Traduction à venir. A no-nonsense guide to protecting and improving your shoreline for the health and future of the Ottawa River and its tributaries.

Traduction à venir.

The Shoreline Kit has been designed to educate shoreline owners on the importance of natural shorelines and to provide examples of easy actions that they can take to improve their own shorelines and reduce their impacts on local waterways.

The Shoreline Kit includes:

  • Three informative brochures:

Natural Shorelines Working for You!
A guide to how we all benefit from maintaining/restoring the natural vegetation along shorelines.
10 Easy Things You Can Do to Improve your Shoreline
Provides a list of 10 ways that shoreline owners can reduce their impacts on their local waterway and improve river health.
Shoreline Naturalization
Provides information, tips and resources on how shoreline owners can re-naturalize their shoreline ( including what to plant and how to plant).

  • A packet of native shoreline seeds to help shoreline owners begin naturalizing their shoreline
    This packet includes a mixture of 9 native plant seeds that can be sown at the shoreline to improve the plant diversity and shoreline habitat. The mixture is enough to cover 10 square feet of shoreline. 
  • Information on Ottawa Riverkeeper, what we do, and how to contact us
  • Ottawa Riverkeeper info sheet describing who we are, what we do, and how to get in touch with us
  • Pollution hotline magnet displays our pollution hotline number so that shoreline owners can contact us when they see pollution on the river or have questions/concerns
  • Ottawa Riverkeeper decal sticker so that shoreline owners can show their support for Ottawa Riverkeeper!