Signs of Spring

Did you know most gull species are migratory? Our riverwatcher Howard Powels observed the return of the ring-billed gulls in his area – a sign of spring!

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Riverwatch Meeting 2014

Ottawa Riverkeeper held its annual Riverwatch Meeting on Monday, July 7th at the Galilee Center in Arnprior, Ontario.  Over 30 riverwatchers from across the watershed […]

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Interview with Riverwatch Coordinator Meaghan Murphy

Smart and enthusiastic, Meaghan’s passion for the Ottawa River makes this a dream job for her. She is great at motivating citizens who are concerned about the river’s health and future and want to do something about it.

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Mike Ryan: Born to be a Riverwatcher

Rivers run deep in Riverwatcher Mike Ryan’s veins.

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Getting Results on Water Quality

With winter setting in, we can look back at our summer swim season with an analytical mind. How did our beaches fare this year? Is the water being tested with the needed rigour? And what can you do to help improve water quality on the Ottawa River?

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