Our River, Our Story

Our 2015 Annual Report website is up and waiting for you see what Ottawa Riverkeeper has been doing to protect our watershed. Find out how you can get involved for a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future!

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Meet Your Local Bryozoan Colony

Some of the animals that call our rivers and lakes home don’t look like animals at all! This time of year people start noticing unusual jelly-like blobs along their shorelines which are actually colonies of small animals called bryozoans.

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Fireworks on the Ottawa River

The fireworks on the Ottawa River this past month have brought thousands of people out to the shores of the Ottawa River to view the spectacle.  With over 1500 shells going off in a single show, many people are wondering what impacts the fireworks are having on river health.  

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Dive into the Riverkeeper 4K Swim! (+ more)

It’s happening this weekend! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to donate and spread the word about the Riverkeeper 4K swim. Now here is your Ottawa River update…

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4 Kilometers, 2 Provinces, 1 River

Dive in to Riverkeeper 4K on Saturday, August 15, where up to 100 brave athletes will swim from Aylmer to Ottawa in the 2nd annual inter-provincial, open water swim. **Including a video of highlights from the 2014 swim!**

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