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News Roundup – August 26, 2016

It's been a busy summer for Ottawa Riverkeeper! To see what we've been up to this month, check out the news coverage we've received.

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How much plastic is in your river? Ottawa Riverkeeper conducting first-ever study of microplastic pollution on the Ottawa River

Microplastic pollution is rampant in our oceans, and recent studies of inland waterways clearly indicate that the problem also extends to our lakes and rivers. However, the extent of the issue in the Ottawa River has never been examined. The study, which is ongoing over the course of the summer, aims to fill the gaps in that knowledge.

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Conservation organizations call for end to delays in implementing recovery actions for endangered American Eel

Conservation groups are calling on the Government of Ontario to obey the Ontario Endangered Species Act (ESA) and begin implementing the recovery strategy for American Eel.

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Two local MPs join the third annual Riverkeeper 4K open water swim to protect Ottawa River water quality

More than 130 swimmers challenged the strength of the Ottawa River this morning as part of the Riverkeeper 4K, an interprovincial open water swim put on by Ottawa Riverkeeper in support of a clean and healthy river.

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The Ottawa River receives much-deserved Heritage designation

Riverkeeper Meredith Brown hopes this designation will enhance our collective sense of river pride and inspire people to respect and protect the river that flows through their community and through their veins.

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Microbeads in our personal care products are now a toxic substance in Canada

The order, published last week, paves the way for the regulation of products containing microbeads. However, there is still much more work to be done before microbeads are banned.

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Ottawa Riverkeeper releases American Eels into Brewery Creek as part of an exciting interprovincial project

Ottawa Riverkeeper and the Canadian Wildlife Federation teamed up with major partners to try to save the Ottawa River American Eel. From left to right: Louis Lafontaine, Adèle Michon, Meaghan Murphy and David Browne. Photo by Martin Lipman.

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