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An Historic Moment for the Ottawa River

AquaHacking – Ottawa River Summit 2015 was a huge success and a great beginning to new collaborations and innovative ways to work together to protect our shared waters.

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What’s all that foam about?

Learn about telling the difference between naturally (and unnaturally!) occurring foam on your river.

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Rockcliffe Yacht Club Donates Dock Space

Join us in thanking the Rockcliffe Yacht Club for giving the Riverkeeper boat a summer home.

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Kids Meet Fish at Petrie Island

Over 40 families came out to learn about the rich diversity of fish species that live in the Ottawa. They got to participate in activities and meet some resident fish that call Petrie Island home.

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The Ottawa River’s Hidden Geohistory

Explore the largest exposures of stromatolites in a North American city to learn more about the Ottawa River's incredible geological history.

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Swimming to Protect the Mighty Ottawa River

4 kilometers, 2 provinces, 1 river. This year’s Riverkeeper 4K open water swim had 58 swimmers and over 40 volunteers traveling together across the Ottawa River from Quebec to Ontario, raising $7,000 for water protection.

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Dive into the Riverkeeper 4K Swim! (+ more)

It's happening this weekend! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to donate and spread the word about the Riverkeeper 4K swim. Now here is your Ottawa River update...

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Ottawa Riverkeeper 4K Swim is this Saturday, August 15th!

2nd annual Riverkeeper 4K interprovincial open water swim in support of a clean and healthy river.

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